Friday Night Cookery Club

Recently Katy and I have started a ‘Cookery Club’ at home on a Friday evening. The reason behind this is that it is the only night of the week she comes straight home with me and stays at home (I won’t bore you with details of her clubs and our childcare arrangements!).

For the first few half terms of Year 1 she chose to do an after school club on a Friday (usually pottery… she’s posh don’t you know?) and I was finding she was tired and grumpy which meant we weren’t getting any quality time together during the week. So I came up with the idea of Cookery Club. She still feels she’s doing a club and not missing out, I get some help cooking tea and we get that bit of quality time together that we both need.

So, every week Katy decides what she would like to cook and I get the ingredients while she’s at school. We do a main meal and a dessert for the 3 of us. I try to make sure there’s some sort of veg in there every week (which luckily Katy enjoys) but she gets free reign on the dessert as it is a weekly treat and, let’s face it, homemade desserts are meant to be deliciously calorific.

The first week we did this, Katy decided she wanted to do homemade fish and chips followed by rainbow sprinkles cake (remember that cake from school with the white icing and sprinkles served with custard? 🤤). Both of these were dishes we have made before so it was a good way to start!

The fish and chips recipe is from BBC Good Food (I highly recommend this website for recipes – there’s something for every skill level!) and the cake recipe was from Claire Huston.

I’m lucky that Katy is interested in cooking as I think it’s a brilliant skill for her to learn for later in life. It’s also great for her fine motor skills with the knife control, learning how to stay safe in the kitchen and bringing out her creative side. Each week we discuss changes we will make to the dish next time we make it so we can really make it our own.

I think this could be great for fussy eaters as being involved in choosing the meal, cooking the meal and having a say on what does and doesn’t go into the dish means they’ve had such an input that it becomes exciting to eat it rather than a battle.

Katy is happy to get in there and get her hands dirty which I love as it took me a long time to get up the courage to touch raw meat (to the point where I made a vegetarian menu in GCSE food technology so I didn’t have to touch raw chicken). She made her own breadcrumbs by toasting bread and then whizzing it up in our little food processor. She also put the fish into the tray for going into the oven and helped me put it in. I’m hoping to build her confidence around the oven as we go (and my own… kids and hot things together scare me!) and I can’t wait to get her experimenting with different flavours and ideas

Let me know if you would be interested in seeing what we cook each week 😊

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